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    We are a network coming to you soon! Here is our current staff. If you wish to apply fill out a form below, more information is in the rest of the thread.

    Manager: Kitty_nV
    HeadAdmin: rafi8765
    Admin: AccountStorm
    Moderator: EpicNiney
    Moderator: DreamWulfz
    Helper: daveisasome1
    HeadBuilder: Rockloop_Cookie
    LeadBuilder: _Frostbyte

    Builders x5
    Moderators x3
    Helpers x3

    Who am I?

    Hello, my name is ProfessorOak (Also known as "BillGatez"). I am an excellent admin, and owner in all aspects. I can do anything that I am asked to do, or lay my eyes on. I am friendly at times, but overall very strict and really have 0% tolerance for troublemakers. Apart from me, I have invested time and money into a project. In which I call Vexil. Now before you start to read, understand all services are free. Unless you would like in-game items as payment. If you do not mind, please leave your skype below, or add my skype @ billgatez_

    About the Project

    The "Vexil Project" as I might call it, is a very elaborate project. Including many different gamemodes, servers, staff, and everything overall. The main aspect of the project is to include a one-of-a-kind RPG server. One that is fully custom, and brings a unique and fun experience to players. This server is already in progress, and is the "survival" server for Vexil. I am planning to have many other custom gamemodes and servers. In those which will include: RPG, Vanilla Gamemodes, Modded Gamemodes, Minigames, & more. Contact me if your interested in helping my server, and in any way possible.

    About Vexil

    The Vexil server right now is only an unfinished survival server, and a hub. We plan to finish the survival server, and then launch. Hopefully after the first donations, we can start to work on our next server, and then further that server into development. From there we will continue to improve both servers, making sure they are top notch for players to play on. We then plan to add more servers, and repeat the process again. We currently have no playerbase, due to having not launched yet. But don't let that scare you away, we may not start with a lot of players, but it takes time to achieve great things.

    We mainly want to finish our survival server, so that we can launch. A 1-3 man team of builders/staff really doesn't cut it. I need your help in building my server, and more information about that will be listed below.

    Applying for Builder

    Anyone who wishes to be a builder must contact me on skype at billgatez_
    or apply on our website at http://www.vexil.enjin.com/
    Upon receiving the rank of builder, you will be whitelisted on Hub, and Survival.
    You will be given creative, worldedit, and voxelsniper permissions (already inside the group).
    You will be given a certain task to fulfil, or section to build. (Finish Shop/Build ___, Ect.)
    More details will be given upon acceptance.​

    This is not a paid service. If you wish, you can be rewarded with in-game materials. Including: Ranks, Keys, Store Items, or even wanting to enter staff (Helper/Mod)
    You will keep your Builder prefix on all servers when the server build is complete.

    Follow the format below if you wish to contact me:

    Minecraft username:
    Time Available to be online day/week:

    Previous Experience, or experience as Builder:
    Screenshots, Pictures, or Portfolio of previous builds(At least 1 is Required):
    Why do you want to become a builder:
    Extra Comments:

    Understand, that this format will be used when contacting me for a position. I am welcome to accept any builder that has the skill to build, and contacts me. I am simply using this form so that I can have an understanding of you. Please contact me as soon as possible if you wish to become a builder on my server. We will go over your particular job/object to build when you are hired. With enough builders, we can finish the server in less than 5 days.

    Applying for Moderator

    If you wish to be a Moderator/Helper on my server, contact me via skype with this format. This is for the people who would love to participate as a moderator on the server, helping the upper staff with anything they need at the moment. When the server launches they will receive a document on their job and what to do. Along with roles, punishments, rules, ect.


    Minecraft username:
    Time Available to be online day/week:

    Previous Experience as Helper/Moderator/Admin on another server:
    Why do you want to become a Moderator:
    Extra Comments:

    The server has an ip, and of which will be shared to you if you are accepted. It is a simple number IP at the moment, until we can purchase services on our host to input the simplified IP. You can also apply on the website at: http://www.vexil.enjin.com/

    If you want to be contacted please leave your Skype name below, and I will contact you. I will ask you some questions regarding the position you want.

    Leave any questions, concerns, or comments below. I simply ask to keep these comments positive, and not negative in any way. Thank you for your time, and I hope to see you soon.

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